Gadget Etiquette


Smart Phones

  1. Know when to turn your smart phone completely off. Your phone should be off in meetings, churches, doctor’s office, and any enclosed public places.

  2. The person face to face with you has top priority. Never interrupt a conversation to answer your phone. Let your phone’s technology (Voice Mail) do the work for you.

  3. Get permission before snapping pictures. Not everyone wants their picture taken, and what you may find funny, amusing, or memorable, may be embarrassing to others.

  4. Don’t engage in texting or email during meetings, conversations, dinner, etc. You remove yourself from the conversation and it just looks rude. Let the party you’re with know you’re going to use it before you do. A simple, “I’m going to take this information down while we talk, is that alright?” is the most polite way to engage in using your device.

  5. Be prepared and polite when fielding questions about your device from strangers. Technology is advancing rapidly and therefore there is more interest. People may be considering taking the leap to purchase the same type of phone or they may want to upgrade. You’re using one so your opinion counts. Don‘t get all in a huff if someone inquires, just answer politely.

MP3 Players

  1. Take both ear buds out when conversing with other people. You’ll cause the other party to feel as if they’re being rushed through the conversation if you leave one earbud in.

  2. Keep the volume to a reasonable level. You chose to download songs for “Personal” enjoyment not to put on an unwanted concert.

  3. Obey your workplace and classroom rules for usage.

Laptop Computers

  1. Opt for plain ol’ note taking during meetings so that you don’t offend anyone. Your open laptop creates a barrier between you and your coworkers, and they’ll be distracted wondering if you are surfing the net, playing a game, or worse, updating your social media page.