Gender Free Chivalry

In the business environment chivalry is gender free. It's not like the dating world, or within the family unit or other relationships. Both men and women should go about their normal tasks yet be mindful to be respectful and helpful to the opposite sex when necessary. Here are a few tips on what to do in various situations.

  1. Shaking hands. A man does not need to wait for a woman to offer her hand today, especially in business. Whether you’re a man or woman, just go ahead and shake hands.

  2. Holding doors. Whoever gets to the door first should hold it for others.

  3. Paying for meals at a business lunch or dinner. Whoever does the inviting should pay.

  4. Getting on and off elevators. The person that is closest to the elevator door exits first.

  5. Helping to carry something. If anyone male or female is overloaded with books, packages or cumbersome items; whoever is nearby should always offer to help.

  6. Helping to put on a coat. If anyone male or female is having difficultly putting on a coat or sweater help should be offered.

  7. Standing. Standing is a polite way of greeting someone, especially when the person is of higher rank, authority, a client, or the elderly. This is true for both male and female.

  8. Stand for the superior, elderly, your clients and prospective clients. This is not necessarily a hard core rule, but it does show a sign of respect. This includes coworkers that you may not have seen in a while or ones that you don’t see regularly.