Giving at the Office - How to Say NO

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Dear Elaine,

I have a question about giving at the office. Someone has had a house fire; then someone’s sister got terminally ill, etc, etc. I would like to give but financially am not able to keep doing this. What is the best way to handle this?

Renee K.


Hello Renee, 

Thank you for visiting my website! This is not an easy predicament to deal with. The challenge is you have to work with the individual soliciting the money as well as those who been affected by some sort of tragedy. I'm sure you don't want to come across looking like a person who just doesn't care, and I certainly understand that.

The best way to tell a person that you do not want to give at the office is to simply do that just - tell them. The thing is your words have to drip with concern and care for the situation. So your tone of voice is important. Keep in mind less is more. Don't go into a lot of detail and try to give a long winded explanation. It will only prolong an uncomfortable moment. It's best to just get it over quickly by keeping your statement short and to the point. 

You can simply say "I apologize but I'm not in a position to give right now. If there's anything else I can do to help please let me know". Now of course, only offer help if you're actually willing to do so otherwise leave it at that.

I hope this helps,