Holiday Tipping. What is the Right Amount to Give?


It is important to always write a note of thanks to accompany your tip. Don't just hand over the cash. The individual should know this is something special above and beyond what you would normally pay them. You don't necessarily have to purchase a holiday card. A simple thank you card is sufficient. (Purchase from our E Style Stationery Collection).

Here are some guidelines:

  • Babysitter (regular) - One evening's pay plus a small gift from your child.

  • Barber Cost - Cost of one haircut and/or a gift.

  • Child's teacher - Public school teachers are not permitted to accept cash. Be sure to check your school's policy first on gift giving. Give a small individual gift or join up with other parents and give a combined gift from all.

  • Day care provider - $25 - $70 dollars plus a small gift from your child.

  • Hair stylist - $10 to $60 and/or a gift.

  • Mail carrier - Government regulations permit carriers to accept gifts up to $20 in value. But they are not permitted to accept cash.

  • Nursing home employee - A small gift.

  • Pool Cleaner - Cost of one cleaning.

  • Yard and garden worker - $20 to $50.

  • Personal Trainer - Cost of one session.