These are just a few simple tips on how you can best deal with family members in order to have an enjoyable an peaceful Thanksgiving Day celebration.

Prep your children, spouse, and yourself before you arrive

  • Plan an entry and exit time. If you can only stand your family for 3 hours, then make it a 3 hour visit.
  • Drive or rent your own car. This way you will have your own get-away-car.
  • Don’t take anything personally. Crazy talk is rally not about you. Read my book "Let Crazy Be Crazy"

3 things you should admit to yourself about your family.

  1. They are who they are.
  2. Only they have the power to change.
  3. Lectures won’t make a difference.


Oddball Relatives

  • Nosy or critical statements? Change the subject
  • Rated R talk? Remind them there are kids in the room.
  • Touchy feely person? Separate yourself from them.

Focus on the kids

  • Have teens take photos or video interviews of family members then watch the video as a family unit.
  • Help smaller children present a short skit. Use dress up clothes and props.

Ideas for the Kids Table

  • Table Art. Make it messy and fun for the little ones
  • Have them decorate their desert.