Internet Etiquette at Work

  1. Saying “I didn’t know” is not an excuse when it comes to internet and computer etiquette at work. Make it your business to know the company rules.

  2. Personal time on computers at work should be used only before or after work hours. Lunchtime use is okay only if you are able to make it very clear to coworkers you are on break for lunch and not on company time. Even if you spend a lot of hours at your job, you should only surf the web, shop online, or pay bills if company permits you to so. Keep time limits to a minimum.

  3. Rather than rely on your memory, keep a log of personal time spent online in the event you are questioned later.

  4. Be mindful of "looky-loos." These are the nosey folks that just can't help looking over your shoulder. They can really start a big mess. Don't give them any ammunition. Make sure the sites you visit won't be misconstrued as "inappropriate" for work.

  5. Remember, email accounts at work are not private. That email address does not belong to you personally. It belongs to the company. They have total rights to your account.

- Always project professionalism in correspondence.
- Watch your language.
- Even if it’s someone you know personally, avoid sending out e-mails that are religious, political or pornographic.