Public Politeness

Public politeness is all about showing a little respect for other people. It’s quite simple to just be considerate of others. How does the saying go? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Think before you speak or do – we’ll all be better off. 

Diaper Dash

Changing poopie diapers around other people is a mess. Don’t do it! 

Line Crashers

Lines are everywhere so just chill and be patient. Don’t start no huffing and puffing. Don’t breath down folk’s neck to get them to move forward quicker. 


Be conscious at which direction you blow your smoke. Always put cigarettes out in the proper place. 

Parking Lot Bandit

Stealing is bad even when it’s a parking spot. If you see another car’s blinker that means you need to find anther spot. 

Horn Honking

Blaring your horn, or honking it over and over again, is just plan rude.  Unless you are trying to worn someone of an accident,  keep the honking to a minimum. 


Did you know that hocking a big wad of spit on the sidewalk can get you a ticket?  Yeah, well there’s a reason for that it’s litter from your mouth – don’t do it.