Using Good Etiquette at the Gym - Sweatiquette

Top Ten Tips to Use When You are Working Out


  1. Avoid overly loud grunting. Your loud noises, and over zealous grunting, can really be distracting to club members around you.

  2. Wipe up your sweat from the exercise equipment. Research has shown that people have contracted communicable diseases such as rashes and ring worm from bacteria on exercise equipment. Be kind, and take a moment to protect yourself, as well as others, by simply wiping the equipment.

  3. Return equipment to its proper place and/or back to the low setting. Just take a couple of extra steps to leave things organized for the next person. If you take out free weights, just put them back. If there are various settings on the equipment you’re using, be courteous and set it back to low.

  4. Don't overdo it with the camera. It’s not unusual to show the world what we're doing through our social media channels. It can be motivating and inspiring to others. However, don't overdo it by turning your session into a feature film set. Filming of your workout session should not be a distraction to others. Nor should it physically get in the way of people trying to workout. Don't interrupt people to ask them to film you. Don't set up your phone in a space that might be in the way of someone else. The key here is to get the shot and be done with it.

  5. Think about how you smell. Even though you’re going to perspire when working out, don’t use the same sweaty clothes over and over again. Using deodorant and wearing laundered clothes will help prevent natural body order from become so strong it offends the people around you.

  6. Avoid staring at people. Keep in mind that most individuals are at the gym not only to maintain a healthy body, but to also work on problem areas. This means people; women especially, may be feeling somewhat uncomfortable just being there. Don’t make matters worse by staring.

  7. Don’t hog the machines. It’s important that you pay attention to people around you so that you are mindful of how long you are using each machine. This includes the cardio machines as well. If you’ve signed up to use specific equipment for a given time be sure you stick to it as a courtesy to others.

  8. Keep the gym and locker room clean. The staff at your gym is not there to follow behind picking up after you. Take your water bottles, towels, etc. with you when you leave the club. And don’t forget to clear the area around your locker of your personal belongings.

  9. Keep conversation brief or move to another area to talk. There are times when you may find yourself in conversation with an acquaintance or meet someone new. People are there to concentrate on their work out and your voices may be a distraction. If you see your conversation is going to be prolonged then step into another area, such as the lobby, so you don’t disturb people nearby.

  10. Follow the club rules. Rules may vary from club to club for different reasons depending on the management. Don’t take them personally because every member is expected to follow them. You’ll have a better work out experience and make your life simple by following the posted guidelines.