Female Crush: Can I Ask Her Parents for Her Contact Info?

QUESTION: I am a 19 year old guy who has a crush on an 18 year old female acquaintance who is attending collage 3 hours away. I don't have her personal contact information but I do have her home phone number, and am wondering if there is any acceptable way to call and ask her parents (who I haven't met) for her cell number or email address. Thank You
P.S. To the best of my knowledge she does not do social media.

ANSWER: This is a great question. You are very kind and thoughtful to be concerned with your approach.  This will set an important precedent in getting to know her better. 

When you make contact with her parents you will want to introduce yourself properly. Be sure to state both your first and last name. It is  important that you also share how you know their daughter i.e. from school, or math class etc. If you can offer any additional information to make them feel a bit more comfortable then please do so. An example would be to state that you used to deliver the newspaper in the neighborhood, or you worked at a local store  or perhaps even your parents attend the same church. Any small bit of information that would rule you out as being a 'weirdo' will help. Don't over do it though, just keep it simple. Most importantly when you connect with  her parents you must  offer your contact information to them rather than ask for hers. Be sure to thank them for their time (whether they agree to pass your information along or not).

If they don't agree to pass the information along, you might want to take the ol-fashioned route and write her a letter.Address it in the following manner:

Attention Student: First & Last Name
Name of School
Address of School

It may take a bit longer to reach her but she will surely receive it. She just might be quite flattered that you went to so much trouble to contact her. Very well. I hope this helps. Again, thank you for visiting my website. And if you have the chance, please let me know how it all turns out.

Death in the Family of My Ex: Do I Send a Card?

QUESTION: Hello-Yesterday there was a death in the family of my ex wife. Her nephew passed away at 21 years old. Is he still my nephew if related to my ex wife? I am not sure if I should also send her a sympathy card along with sending same to the parents. I am also currently residing in another state. Thank you for any clarification on the above matter.

ANSWER: My condolences to you and the family of this young person who is gone so soon. My answer is Yes. This young man in the heart of love is still your nephew. Although you and your wife are no longer married I ma sure his death is hurtful and he will be sorely missed. Both your ex-wife and his parents have lost someone dear to them and expressing your condolences would be quite proper and in order. Please do send a card to his parents as well as your ex-wife. Thank you for being so thoughtful.

House Warming Party: Can I ask for money?

QUESTION: When having a housewarming party, can you ask for money instead of gifts?

ANSWER: Congratulations on your new home and it's very nice to hear you're having a housewarming party. When it comes to gifts you should should never ASK  for anything anything at all. Any revelation of gift preferences should be revealed  in the context of an ANSWER instead.
So what this means, is you should not put any gift preferences at all within the invitation you are distributing to your guests. Now if individuals do happen to ask you what would  like ( and they usually do) you can ANSWER  and share with them your preferences.  You can state that  "you have everything you need  but a gift card would be great in order to apply to renovations or upgrades to your home".
So spread the word verbally, allow your family and close friends to assist in doing the same. I hope this helps!

Be well. Live well