Death in the Family of My Ex: Do I Send a Card?

QUESTION: Hello-Yesterday there was a death in the family of my ex wife. Her nephew passed away at 21 years old. Is he still my nephew if related to my ex wife? I am not sure if I should also send her a sympathy card along with sending same to the parents. I am also currently residing in another state. Thank you for any clarification on the above matter.

ANSWER: My condolences to you and the family of this young person who is gone so soon. My answer is Yes. This young man in the heart of love is still your nephew. Although you and your wife are no longer married I ma sure his death is hurtful and he will be sorely missed. Both your ex-wife and his parents have lost someone dear to them and expressing your condolences would be quite proper and in order. Please do send a card to his parents as well as your ex-wife. Thank you for being so thoughtful.