Wedding Guest Etiquette



Wedding Etiquette: for the guest!

At the Wedding

Always RSVP. The Bride and groom are depending on your response in order to give the final guest count to the caterer.

Invitees only please. If the invitation does not say Jack Jones “and guest”, then please don’t bring anyone else along.

Send your gift rather than bring it. Have the store mail your gift so the bride and groom don’t have to worry about lugging the gift home.

No, you cannot wear white. Bottom line, white is still reserved for the bride. Many traditions have changed but this one remains the same. So unless the invitation calls for "All White" such as in a beach themed wedding, avoid wearing white.

Don’t be late. No one should walk down the aisle after the bride. If for some reason you encounter an untimely disaster, just slip in and sit in the rear seat.

Splurge for a babysitter. You may think you have a perfect child but children are unpredictable. Don’t ruin this once in a lifetime event for the bride and groom.

Don’t even THINK of bringing your cell phone. In order to avoid mishaps, just leave it in the car.

At the Reception

Don’t change your assigned seats. Honor the couples request, and try to focus on the group you are with. You might enjoy yourself.

At a buffet dinner, once you've filled your plate and made it back to your seat, you don’t have to wait for the entire table to arrive before you begin eating, but it’s a good idea for another couple of tablemates to have joined you. Do not begin eating alone.

When dinner is served by wait staff, wait until your tablemates are served before you begin eating.

Don’t double dip or do any other selfish acts. Whether its dip or butter, be kind, and just place some on your own plate and dip away! Also don’t overfill your plate, drink too much, or start grabbing the centerpieces to take home. 

Watch what you say about the couple’s past. No need to remind the couple of how horrible their ex was or how they used to be a gold digger or womanizer. Mind you manners and just wish them well.