Swann Style: Timeless Pearls

Welcome to the Elaine Swann Style Blog! We look forward to sharing not only what Elaine is wearing with you, but also style tips and fashion advice.

It is no secret that Elaine’s favorite gem is pearls. Throughout history, pearls have been one of the most desirable and valued gems. The key role pearls played in civilization is reflected in a myriad of religious and mythological references. In fact, due to their scarcity and value, there was a time when only nobility was permitted to wear pearls.

Pearls will be one of this fall’s hottest trends predicts The Cut, New York Magazine’s online fashion newsletter. While wearing pearls may come and go for some women, check back often for inspiration from Elaine Swann on how to style pearls in many diverse looks.

Ultimately, as Jackie Kennedy Onassis famously stated, “Pearls are always appropriate.” We couldn’t agree more.