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I was recently interviewed by the UT San Diego to weigh in on the debate involving seats on an airplane. Recently passengers have gotten into quite a squabble with planes having to divert and make unplanned landings due to travelers actually fighting over seat room. Read on to see what my thoughts are when it comes to reclining ones seat on the airplane. CONTINUE

The Summer is done and now it's time for many to buckle down and get aggressive in the hunt for a job. Whether you are a college grad, unemployed,  or currently employed yet seeking new career opportunities, you may be in the trenches looking for a new job.

I'm so honored to share that I was recently asked to share my advice with The Huffington Post. I weighed in on whether or not this long ago wedding tradition has stood the test of time. I have my opinion about it (as you'll see) But I"d love to hear what you think of it. Read on and let me know.

I was honored to be interviewed by Refinery 29 to share my advice an on number of wedding etiquette tips. Summer is BIG for weddings so this is a must read for every guest. READ ON

This month is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month.  This is the time of year that we brush up on our cell phone manners and pay close attention to how, when, and where we are using our devices. To get a quick check up on the Do's and Don'ts of cell phone etiquette watch my tips HERE




As President of the National Association of Professional Organizers, San Diego Chapter I highly recommend Elaine Swann as a dynamic and engaging speaker. Elaine delivered a well crafted personalized presentation on Business Etiquette to our chapter and it was one of the highest rated programs of the year.
— Dhawn Hansen, NAPO San Diego
Our Chamber made the wise decision of inviting Elaine to speak at our LINK Luncheon. Elaine’s presentation on Business Etiquette was fantastic and hit the nail right on the head. Her presentation is packed full of common sense information on networking, cell phone and social media etiquette. Her style of speaking is very personable and engaging and I would highly recommend her as a business presenter.
— Scott Ashton Sales & Marketing Director at Oceanside Chamber of Commerce