Last Minute Craft Ideas for Mother's Day

Are you still searching for the perfect gift for mom? Look no further! Here are three last-minute DIY ideas that will satisfy her without breaking the bank.


The Mother’s Day Mug

Buy a white cup and design away. You can use stamps, stickers, and other products to decorate the mug. You may even stain the cup for an even grander appeal! Present the gift to mom on her day right before serving her breakfast in bed.


DIY Calming Jar

Mother’s Day should be a time for mom to unwind and relax. What better way for her to relieve tension than by viewing the calming jar that you made for her? Here’s how to make one!

●      Begin by selecting a glass jar.

●      Fill the jar with water and transfer the liquid to a pot for warming.

●      After the water is heated, not scorching hot, transfer the substance back to the jar.

●      Add clear or colored glue to the jar.

●      Incorporate glitter into the mixture.

●      Seal the top of the jar with glue and give it to mom.


A Centerpiece Unlike Any Other

Mother’s Day brunch or dinner wouldn’t be complete without a centerpiece of some sort. Let your creativity shine through by creating, instead of buying, an appealing main feature that mom can use all year round. You can put those old tin cans to good use with decorations that match the flowers that you give her. Your thoughtfulness and creativity will make mom smile.