Small Memorial Day Party Ideas That Make A Big Difference

Although Veterans Day is a celebration of those who serve and have served, Memorial Day is a solemn day to reflect on those veterans and military personnel who are deceased, and to remember the sacrifice of the brave military members, as well as their families, the widows and parentless children of the fallen. It has also become the kick off holiday weekend to our Spring/Summer season with the gathering of friends and family. Memorial Day is fast-approaching, and some of us haven’t quite nailed down the details of our party. We want it to be fabulous yet inviting. Patriotism is a must but going over-the-top should be avoided. Here are three tips to make your party a success.


Tip #1: Swap out the cups for Mason Jars

The idea of the party is to make guests feel at home. Paper cups scream “house party” while Mason Jars signify a family gathering. Allow attendees to take the containers home for keepsakes to prevent clutter and become a favored host.


Tip #2: Exchange balloons for streamers

Balloons are festive, but they tend to either pop or fly away before the party has concluded. There is little more jarring than a ball of helium exploding in the middle of a bash. The only thing worse than hearing a balloon abruptly pop is listening to the cries of a child after the “red ball” flies away. Avoid all of this with streamers that are easy to place and long-lasting.


Tip #3: The Memorial Day cake should always be festive

The Memorial Day cake should say that you are patriotic if nothing else at the party conveys such truth. Topping off a white cake with blueberries and raspberries is always in order on May 30. The idea of combining frosted cupcakes to create the appeal of a larger cake is also smart. Swapping traditional cake for small cupcakes is less of a headache as partygoers cannot say that you played favorites when cutting the dessert when individual pastries are provided.  

Warning! Do Not Send Flowers For These Occasions

Whoever said that flowers are always appropriate doesn’t know the rules of etiquette. First thought… is the recipient allergic to roses, plants or certain flowers? Here are three times where sending roses and sunflowers are not in order.


Flowers show loved ones that you care, but edibles give them something to enjoy and even share. Sending a personalized cake or fruit arrangement is a better way to commemorate a friend’s birthday.

When a loved one is sick

The idea is for them to get well soon. Consider giving them healthy soup they like, a blanket, puzzle, favorite magazine or book, as such gifts will bring comfort and give them something to do during recovery.

Housewarming parties

Giving recipients a plant signifies growth and prosperity, whereas cut flowers are temporary. Or think everyday household supplies - such as light bulbs, batteries, garden tools and utensils – as these items are also great gifts as they are often forgotten gems. Your “time & service” too is welcome such as offering to help paint a room, clean, or do some gardening.

Cinco de Mayo: Dieting While Celebrating

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo doesn’t have to be a time to break away from your nutritional regimen. There are many ways to substitute ingredients, but not taste, and enjoy a healthy holiday. Here are three tips for a more wholesome Cinco de Mayo.

Tip #1: Swap rice for cauliflower

It doesn’t sound all that tasty but cauliflower is a great substitute for rice. The vegetable is less than 30 calories per serving and can be steamed in the same manner that one would cook rice. You can eat a whole bowl of cauliflower without feeling guilty while eating rice in the same way would warrant additional calories and time at the gym.

Tip #2: Implement the healthy taco bar

Have friends visiting for the holiday? Want to serve something that won’t tip the scales?Consider the healthy taco bar. Switching out one pan of meat for beans gives guests the option of a vegan experience. If you serve meat, choose 93 percent lean ground beef or turkey and use half of the taco powder instead of the whole packet during preparation. Such actions reduce sodium and calorie intake.

Tip #3: Modify your margarita

The average margarita served at a restaurant carries upwards of 600 calories. That’s a whole meal! You can adjust your drink by mixing tequila, zero-calorie sparkling water, and lime juice. Not only do these modifications provide a great taste but they lower the calorie intake from 600 to 100 per serving. How’s that for dieting?

For the Kids: Tips For Mother's Day

Mom’s special day is right around the corner and, perhaps, you are wondering what to do for her. Should you make a gift or coordinate with dad to take her out? Consider creating a pamper day for mom. Here are a few simple home remedies for Edible Spa Retreat.


Yogurt and Lemon Facial Mask

      Mix ½ cup of Greek yogurt with lemon juice.

      Make sure substance is smooth enough for mom to apply as a facial mask.


Water Options for Beverages

      Mix lemons with mint and cucumber, or apples with cinnamon sticks.

      In both instances, let ingredients soak for at least an hour before serving. Preferred soaking time is overnight.


Do-It-Yourself Strawberry Platter

      Provide a bowl of fresh washed strawberries.

      Have bowls of cream, chocolate and other dips that she would enjoy on the platter.


Working on a Budget?

Take mom out for a picnic during her retreat. Get your best blanket, make sandwiches and pack up your picnic basket. It’s an inexpensive remedy that is very special for mom.


Older Children…

Begin listening to things that mom talks about often. Consider a hobby that she has when considering activities for her spa day. Something that is really popular for moms right now is coloring books for adults. This craft option is very relaxing and gives mom something to do that does not involve household chores.


All in All...

Just give mom a break. One of the biggest gifts she can get is time off.