Yes, It's Perfectly Fine to Wear White After Labor Day


I'm asked this question often. Is it alright to wear the color white after Labor Day? Some ask, “Where did this all come from”? Well back in the late 1800’s people would wear white during the height of the summer season starting from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Afterwards people would move towards wearing colors and fabrics that reflected the fall season.  It was also during this time the color white was closely associated with individuals of the more influent affluent part of society. Somehow this pattern of not wearing white after Labor Day ended up becoming known as a fashion faux pas.

Today this is not the truth. It’s perfectly fine to wear white after Labor Day whether you are on the West Coast in California or south East in Florida or in the northern part of our nation in New York. The shades of white such as bright, bright white or winter white or an eggshell white all has to do with ensemble that pull together for your fashionable look. So go ahead, pull out your white honey! Proudly wear your white after Labor Day. I have my pair of white skinny jeans that I absolutely love and they are a mainstay in my wardrobe year-round.