Almost Christmas: Are you Ready to Deal with your Family?

Since it's almost Christmas we should really begin to think about how we are going to deal with the crazy that comes with our family. No matter how dignified you are we all have at least ONE relative who can get a little out of hand.  I recently stopped by CW6 in San Diego to promote the new film Almost Christmas. It's in theaters tomorrow  starring Danny Glover, Gabrielle Union, Monique and many more. This movie has got the total combination of family, fun and lot of crazy. I also shared my tips on how to deal with the crazy with a bit of grace and style. Many of the tips came straight from my book Let Crazy Be Crazy. Take a look at the clip from my interview below and then go see the hilarious movie Almost Christmas with your family. 

About Dieting Etiquette

Summer is here and many of us are looking for ways to put our best foot forward. In addition to hitting the gym several times per week, you or a friend may consider dieting. Here are a few rules for etiquette to follow.

For Friends:

1.     You should never do or say anything to discourage the dieter. They are cutting back on calories for a reason and you, as a friend, should render full support.

2.     It is never a good idea to ask about weight loss. Perhaps they fell off the wagon and are a bit ashamed of the weight that they have gained. Do you really want to add to their humiliation by inquiring about this week’s weight loss?

3.     Sensitivity is key when you are preparing a meal for a friend who is trying to make more healthy choices nutritionwise.


For Dieters:

1.     Do not criticize friends who you feel need to diet too. Remember that your decision to make more wholesome choices in the nutrition department is your own.

2.     Do not force others to follow your diet. Respect their wishes to eat meat even if you are fasting from protein.

3.     Share your weight loss goals with family members and friends so that they can hold you accountable when your choices are not healthy. 

5 Graduation Party Ideas That Are Sure To Be A Hit

Graduation season is upon us and it is officially time to celebrate. Watching your loved ones walk across the stage and receive their diploma is the greatest joy a parent and family can share. Going all out to celebrate family and friends who have graduated is the second best activity. Here are a few party ideas that will make their bash that much more special.


Confetti Balloons

Sprinkle a little confetti tissue in the opening of the balloon and blow the rubber ball up. Make sure that the balloon is clear so that the particles can be seen by everyone at the party.


Ice Cream Bar

The perfect remedy for middle school graduates. An ice cream bar can be created by simply placing cones and ice cream cups on a two or three tiered serving stand. Surround the main attraction with toppings to bring even more attention to the attraction.


Classroom-themed Photo Booth

Bringing the classroom scene home is fairly easy. Simply find a chalkboard large enough to serve as the background for your photo booth and start taking pictures. Find an old desk to place in the scene for even more fun.


Pirouette Cookies As Dessert

Cake is always in order but pirouette cookies serve as both a dessert and party decoration. You can tie a ribbon to each sweet treat and place the decorated pieces on a platter to give the appeal of diplomas. Guests will love your creativity, and pirouette cookies are chocolate-filled and always delightful.


“Keys To Success” Board

Meant to give graduates words of wisdom, “Keys to Success” boards are becoming more popular at commencement parties. You can easily create a display by taking a large piece of cardboard and covering it with construction paper. Let push pins serve as your hooks that guests place paper keys on after writing their best advice on the attached note cards. A “Keys to Success” board is a great way to create an interactive atmosphere.  

Breaking Up is Hard To Do: How To Say Goodbye to a Friend

They were your partner in crime in high school, and you both vowed to be best friends forever in college. Now it seems that such promise was unwise since the two of you have grown apart and argue more often than you agree on things. A well- known quote…”Friends can come into your life for a “reason” or a “season.” You know that the time to part ways has come, but how do you break up with a friend?  


Be gentle

It’s not a bad idea to seek counsel from loved ones who do not know the friend you are planning to divorce. They can give you unbiased advice that can help you gently break the news to your former pal, always wishing him/her well in the future and honoring in remembrance your past memories. 


Let the end be the end

Politely tell your friend that your interests have grown apart, and the relationship needs to come to an end. Do not say that you need a “break” since you have no intention of reconciling in the future.


Stay away

Too many times people end a toxic relationship only to return to the person a few months later. Do yourself a favor and refrain from this behavior. You decided to bring the friendship to an end for a reason. Use the energy that you have reserved for reconciling to make new acquaintances. If you should run into one another at a social event, always be polite and cordial, but be careful about being pulled back into an ongoing relationship again.

Regifting Secrets

You shouldn’t have to keep gifts that you don’t want. No matter what others may say, exchanging or even giving away a present doesn’t make you any less of a grateful person. When it comes to regifting, however, there’s a certain way that you must conduct the act so as to avoid awkwardness and negative talk. Here are three secrets to the art of repurposing presents.


Secret #1: Never regift in the same social circle

You will lose a friend, and possibly gain an enemy, if she finds out that you gave her thoughtful present to someone else. Keep a log of the items that you receive during special occasions and ensure that whomever you present the unwanted product to is not connected to the giver.


Secret #2: Gift wrap with intent

Make sure that all nametags, tape, and wrapping paper is removed. Then, select a cute basket and decorative tissue paper that matches the present. Since you are not purchasing the gift, why not go all out and buy a nice basket and colorful decorating paper?


Secret #3: Make sure the repurposed gift is new

The name of the game is regifting, not hand-me-downs. It is incredibly insulting to present someone with an item that you have used and no longer desire. Remember that the essence of regifting is to pass along something that is beautiful, yet of little use in your household. This isn’t the time to find “any old thing” and give it to a loved one.