Last Minute Craft Ideas for Mother's Day

Are you still searching for the perfect gift for mom? Look no further! Here are three last-minute DIY ideas that will satisfy her without breaking the bank.


The Mother’s Day Mug

Buy a white cup and design away. You can use stamps, stickers, and other products to decorate the mug. You may even stain the cup for an even grander appeal! Present the gift to mom on her day right before serving her breakfast in bed.


DIY Calming Jar

Mother’s Day should be a time for mom to unwind and relax. What better way for her to relieve tension than by viewing the calming jar that you made for her? Here’s how to make one!

●      Begin by selecting a glass jar.

●      Fill the jar with water and transfer the liquid to a pot for warming.

●      After the water is heated, not scorching hot, transfer the substance back to the jar.

●      Add clear or colored glue to the jar.

●      Incorporate glitter into the mixture.

●      Seal the top of the jar with glue and give it to mom.


A Centerpiece Unlike Any Other

Mother’s Day brunch or dinner wouldn’t be complete without a centerpiece of some sort. Let your creativity shine through by creating, instead of buying, an appealing main feature that mom can use all year round. You can put those old tin cans to good use with decorations that match the flowers that you give her. Your thoughtfulness and creativity will make mom smile.


Holiday Gift Giving Stress? This Can Help

It’s here! Walk the aisles of any store and you’re reminded that the Holiday shopping season has kicked in. 

So how does that make you feel? While most of us love the Holidays, sometimes just seeing shelves of cheery wrapping paper can trigger a stress response at the mere thought of all that gift shopping.

So Many People … So Little Time

However much we enjoy the holidays, almost everyone gets stressed about gift giving because we so genuinely want the recipient to enjoy -- and use -- our gift. Who wants to see a fake smile on the face of a person face saying “Thank you” but really thinking, “What in the world I am going to do with this?” And you certainly don't want to find out that your gift is re-gifted.

So how do we make this lovely time a year a little less stressful?

Recently I had the good fortune to come across a wonderful little software service called Giftster.  This is a free app that you can use on the Internet or download on your smart phone. You, your family members, and close friends can easily use the app to create personal gift lists and share them.  You can include links to store pages and reserve or claim gifts to avoid duplicate gift giving. 

Now while some people might feel this kind of app makes give giving less personal, I believe it actually makes gift giving more heartfelt. When you follow a person's desire it tells the person that you really want to make sure they are pleased.  And, since we don't always have a lot of time to shop being able to view someone’s personal gift list certainly makes gift giving easier. Then there’s the time you save by not having to wait on return lines because your gift didn't quite work out. 

You can also try Giftster at work for the office gift exchange party. Too often we return home from the holiday work party with something we will probably never use. So if everyone in the office gets together and puts their preferences in Giftster at least everyone walks away happy.
The Holidays and Beyond

Not only can online gift lists be a great help during the holidays, you can get pretty creative using them throughout the year for events like graduations, house warmings, birthdays, showers, Mother’s Day, and so on. 

If you are actively involved in a non-profit organization like I am, there can even be uses for Giftster here. Maybe you can start a public gift registry for a local family in need or support an organization that serves children in foster care. By setting up a wish list you help insure that they get exactly what they need rather than receiving a whole bunch useless items. 

There are so many ways to use online wish list apps like Giftster. So try it out … and enjoy your Holidays.

What To Do With Those Not-So-Hot Gifts You Received For The Holidays

What to Do With Not-So-Hot Gifts

  1. Keep your opinion to yourself.  There is no need to inform the giver of your dissatisfaction with the gift. The old adage of “It’s the thought that counts” really does apply here. Just be gracious and keep the not-so-hot news to yourself. This way you’ll avoid any hurt feelings.
  2. Exchange it. If a gift receipt was included this is a simple fix and the giver obviously anticipated you would exchange it. Now if a gift receipt was not included yet you know which store it came from, you may be able to exchange it for another item or a store credit.
  3. Stash it for later. If the gift is acceptable to be re-gifted then place it in a box, bin or basket to be given out later. This can be your go-to spot for a last minute or perfect fit gift throughout the year. Just make sure you follow my simple re-gifting guidelines before doing so.

Say Thank you With Style

  1. If the person was there when you opened the gift then there is no need for you to send a thank you note. Your verbal thank you was sufficient.
  2. If you exchanged gifts with friends and family members then again you do not have to follow up with a note.
  3. If the giver was not there when you opened the gift or if you received a gift of great value or sentiment then sending a note of thanks would be in order.  Follow the simple guideline to writing an elegant thank you card.
Shop Stationery by Elaine

Shop Stationery by Elaine

Elements of a Thank You Card
Say Thank you
Name the gift
Say something about the gift
Write or sign name

Here's an Example:
Dear Christopher,
Thank you for the ruby bracelet. It is my birthstone and this color always looks fabulous on me. I now have something beautiful to wear on special occasions.
Love Elaine

Make Saying Thank You Fun for Kids

  1. Have children make their thank you cards from various arts and crafts materials
  2. Be creative – put to use unusual yet fun way to craft a thank you card. One idea is to take a photo and create a card around it.

Leave Someone Off Your Gift List?
Send the person a card that says Happy New Year! A nice greeting to usher in the New Year accompanied by a simple heartfelt note helps to personalize your well wishes towards them. If you wish, you may include a gift card or yearly subscription to a magazine. This will help make the gift seem more hand selected and thoughtful.