Small Memorial Day Party Ideas That Make A Big Difference

Although Veterans Day is a celebration of those who serve and have served, Memorial Day is a solemn day to reflect on those veterans and military personnel who are deceased, and to remember the sacrifice of the brave military members, as well as their families, the widows and parentless children of the fallen. It has also become the kick off holiday weekend to our Spring/Summer season with the gathering of friends and family. Memorial Day is fast-approaching, and some of us haven’t quite nailed down the details of our party. We want it to be fabulous yet inviting. Patriotism is a must but going over-the-top should be avoided. Here are three tips to make your party a success.


Tip #1: Swap out the cups for Mason Jars

The idea of the party is to make guests feel at home. Paper cups scream “house party” while Mason Jars signify a family gathering. Allow attendees to take the containers home for keepsakes to prevent clutter and become a favored host.


Tip #2: Exchange balloons for streamers

Balloons are festive, but they tend to either pop or fly away before the party has concluded. There is little more jarring than a ball of helium exploding in the middle of a bash. The only thing worse than hearing a balloon abruptly pop is listening to the cries of a child after the “red ball” flies away. Avoid all of this with streamers that are easy to place and long-lasting.


Tip #3: The Memorial Day cake should always be festive

The Memorial Day cake should say that you are patriotic if nothing else at the party conveys such truth. Topping off a white cake with blueberries and raspberries is always in order on May 30. The idea of combining frosted cupcakes to create the appeal of a larger cake is also smart. Swapping traditional cake for small cupcakes is less of a headache as partygoers cannot say that you played favorites when cutting the dessert when individual pastries are provided.  

What to do with all those Easter Eggs? ‘Devil’ them!

After all the chocolate bunnies have been devoured, now give them some protein! Here is a recipe for my deviled eggs that I often use when entertaining guests or having small evening at home with the family.



Recipe: Elaine’s Deviled Bacon and Eggs

1. Boil eggs

2. Fry bacon

3. Chop bacon into small bits and lay aside

4. Peel eggs. Keep them from being jagged by cracking the shell several times in water

5. Cut eggs lengthwise and lay them on paper towel to dry

6. Scoop out yolk into bowl

7. Mix mayonnaise, mustard, relish, together with yolk and black pepper

8. Mayonnaise and yolk should form a smooth consistency. Use fork to smooth out any remaining lumps after initial mixing.

9. Drop a teaspoon worth of mixture back into each egg white.

10. Place parsley and bacon bits on top of mixture

11. Chill and serve