What To Do With Those Not-So-Hot Gifts You Received For The Holidays

What to Do With Not-So-Hot Gifts

  1. Keep your opinion to yourself.  There is no need to inform the giver of your dissatisfaction with the gift. The old adage of “It’s the thought that counts” really does apply here. Just be gracious and keep the not-so-hot news to yourself. This way you’ll avoid any hurt feelings.
  2. Exchange it. If a gift receipt was included this is a simple fix and the giver obviously anticipated you would exchange it. Now if a gift receipt was not included yet you know which store it came from, you may be able to exchange it for another item or a store credit.
  3. Stash it for later. If the gift is acceptable to be re-gifted then place it in a box, bin or basket to be given out later. This can be your go-to spot for a last minute or perfect fit gift throughout the year. Just make sure you follow my simple re-gifting guidelines before doing so.

Say Thank you With Style

  1. If the person was there when you opened the gift then there is no need for you to send a thank you note. Your verbal thank you was sufficient.
  2. If you exchanged gifts with friends and family members then again you do not have to follow up with a note.
  3. If the giver was not there when you opened the gift or if you received a gift of great value or sentiment then sending a note of thanks would be in order.  Follow the simple guideline to writing an elegant thank you card.
Shop Stationery by Elaine

Shop Stationery by Elaine

Elements of a Thank You Card
Say Thank you
Name the gift
Say something about the gift
Write or sign name

Here's an Example:
Dear Christopher,
Thank you for the ruby bracelet. It is my birthstone and this color always looks fabulous on me. I now have something beautiful to wear on special occasions.
Love Elaine

Make Saying Thank You Fun for Kids

  1. Have children make their thank you cards from various arts and crafts materials
  2. Be creative – put to use unusual yet fun way to craft a thank you card. One idea is to take a photo and create a card around it.

Leave Someone Off Your Gift List?
Send the person a card that says Happy New Year! A nice greeting to usher in the New Year accompanied by a simple heartfelt note helps to personalize your well wishes towards them. If you wish, you may include a gift card or yearly subscription to a magazine. This will help make the gift seem more hand selected and thoughtful.