For the Kids: Tips For Mother's Day

Mom’s special day is right around the corner and, perhaps, you are wondering what to do for her. Should you make a gift or coordinate with dad to take her out? Consider creating a pamper day for mom. Here are a few simple home remedies for Edible Spa Retreat.


Yogurt and Lemon Facial Mask

      Mix ½ cup of Greek yogurt with lemon juice.

      Make sure substance is smooth enough for mom to apply as a facial mask.


Water Options for Beverages

      Mix lemons with mint and cucumber, or apples with cinnamon sticks.

      In both instances, let ingredients soak for at least an hour before serving. Preferred soaking time is overnight.


Do-It-Yourself Strawberry Platter

      Provide a bowl of fresh washed strawberries.

      Have bowls of cream, chocolate and other dips that she would enjoy on the platter.


Working on a Budget?

Take mom out for a picnic during her retreat. Get your best blanket, make sandwiches and pack up your picnic basket. It’s an inexpensive remedy that is very special for mom.


Older Children…

Begin listening to things that mom talks about often. Consider a hobby that she has when considering activities for her spa day. Something that is really popular for moms right now is coloring books for adults. This craft option is very relaxing and gives mom something to do that does not involve household chores.


All in All...

Just give mom a break. One of the biggest gifts she can get is time off.