Hang Up and Drive - GMC Acadia

Best Feature: The Rearview Camera System!! I love it the rear image show up in the rear view mirror!!

Worst Feature: I don't know but that click-clack turn signal really gets to me.

Techno Features? Okay there were lots of them and this is not really high tech but I LOVED the dual sun roofs (hey it's California baby)!

Girl Friendly? Yes indeed honey. I was able to get up in the truck without having to hike up the dress I have on. Plus the seats were SUPER easy to fold down.

Trunk Space? From the rear to the drivers seats. Plenty of space. I had a photo shoot and fit my rolling rack in with ease.

My Take: Soccer moms this is a big YES. It seats 7 and not a "fake" seven. I mean a for real 7. The second row has 2 captains chairs. There's plenty of space to get in the back. I can't say how much I really liked the rearview camera system. It was really nice just having to look in the review mirror and not down at the console panel. Plus there's safety all around- it's got 1st, 2nd and 3rd row head curtain air bags. For me, it had a really smooth ride for a big car.

How many folks I say that need to hang up and drive? 9

Hopping in- glam style

Climate control in the back seats baby

Tons of space in the back

Another shot of the back (darn I should have put the seats down for you)!! But see the drivers seats? Well they fold all the way down to there.