Three Things You Should Know Before Your Next Gym Visit

Little else destroys a productive workout like someone in the locker room who doesn’t know the rules of the space. Perhaps they are new and don’t understand the basics of locker room etiquette. Maybe, on the other side of the coin, they come so often that they think a part of the gym is their own. No matter what your standing may be, beginner or expert, here are a few key points to consider during your next visit to the gym’s locker room.

The gym is not your home

You may consider it your second house, but the gym is a place for everyone with membership to enjoy. Consider the space of others in the locker room and refrain from “marking your territory” with towels, make up and other accessories. There is no such thing as saving a shower at the gym.

Nudity should be kept to a minimum

Bareness is a part of dressing of course. Excessive nudity, however, is not appropriate in a public setting. Although you may feel comfortable walking around naked or half dressed, it may not be within everyone’s comfort level, so modesty is the best course to take.

Bring a lock

There’s always a possibility of your things being stolen when you don’t bring a lock to secure them in the locker. It’s also pretty frustrating to open a locker that is occupied with another member’s items, so be considerate and come prepared.