Well THIS is Awkward! How To Turn A “Weird” Conversation Around

It’s the moment that makes you squirm. You’re in mid-conversation with a co-worker, friend, or business associate when the camaraderie becomes debatable. Somewhere between the laughs, they said something that you really don’t agree with. It may have changed “business” to “personal”, or maybe somewhat offensive. Now the air has left the room and tensions are getting high. So how do you change the subject?

1. Turn awkwardness into something interesting.

They may have asked a silly or inappropriate question and now there is a bit of bitterness in the atmosphere. Turn “lemons into lemonade” by quickly posing another inquiry to another subject.

2. Focus on them.

Or, instead of coming out of left field with a brand new question, base your inquisitiveness off their life. Let them talk about their accomplishments and listen for cues where you can jump in and change the subject.

3. Take advantage of vacations and hobbies.

Their trip to Spain is prime opportunity for you to turn the conversation into something more pleasurable. Ask them to give details about the sights so that they are less inclined to reference an awkward subject.