When the Kids Are Sick: How To Refuse a Playdate Without Being Rude

Sniffing, coughing, and runny noses are all signs of something worse to come. You try to shield your child from viruses but now his best friend, who appears to be sick, has requested a playdate. How do you respectfully decline?


Thank the parents

It is always nice for a friend to consider your child as a friend who is welcome in their home. Thanking the parents is a great way of expressing gratitude for such trust.


Politely decline

Don’t go into the fact that you believe their child to be sick and, therefore, would prefer your little one not have extended contact with them. The idea is not to insult the requester or even explain your reasoning for declining the playdate. Simply say, “Thank you for inviting us” and, “Perhaps we can schedule for another time.”  Agreeing to postpone the playdate indicates that you want your child and his friend to spend time together; just not right now.